Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Pledge of Allegiance

This subject was brought up by my art teacher actually. We were having a discussion and she asked my opinion on the words "under god" in the pledge. I really honestly don't really care if they are in there or not. Regardless, I do not say those words along with the rest of my classmates. I simply skip over them. Anyway, my art teacher wants those words taken out of the Pledge. Her reason: separation of church and state. Having "under god" in the pledge implies that there is a god. The only problem is that (in my school, at least) saying the pledge in its entirety is not voluntary. Now, I got away with not saying it, but some teachers are rather strict and label kids that refuse to say those words as communists. Yes, communists. I think, after having that conversation with my art teacher, I agree with her. Having god in the pledge of allegiance is not right. Your thoughts?

Sunday, August 26, 2007


Now, I will share the pointlessness of marriage. Marriage is the holy union of a man and a woman promised to love and cherish each other 'til death, right? Wrong. Marriage is doesn't have to be holy. Marriage doesn't have to be between a man and a woman. Marriage is an empty promise 50% of the time. Married couples, most of them at least, will no longer love and cherish each other by the time death swings around the corner. So, what's the point in getting married? It is all symbolic and religious. Never does marriage do anything that great for a couple. If anything, it traps them, making them yearn to feel liberated, sometimes pushing them into affairs, which is not a good way to have a healthy relationship. So, please, I beg of you, don't get married.


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Thursday, August 23, 2007

God's Warriors

I happened to catch the CNN special called "God's Warriors". Basically, it featured a bunch of power-hungry evangelical Christians manipulating thousands of people into "taking action" against our highly secular government. While "taking action" can be interpreted in a wide variety of ways, these Christians only see "taking action" as basically a movement which involves the government being run solely by Christians.
One of the ringleaders of this whole operation was the late, (not so) great Jerry Fallwell. Jerry Fallwell founded Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA with the sole purpose to train his "pitbulls" (yes, he used that word) to get Christianity into the government and our everyday lives. LU's newest addition is a law school. Yes, a Christian law school. Again, he is trying to make an effort to force religion upon everyone in existence. He is such an evil man. I wish he would go and die. Oh wait...

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Defending Christianity

Well, I had a discussion with my mom (a Christian) recently. She wanted me to try and look at both sides of the argument (regarding Christianity and Atheism), so I did. I used Google and tried for hours upon hours looking for some sort of proof for Christianity. The surprising thing is: I found none. Well, to be fair, there were a few select websites that had some proof. Proof that I had discarded because they were using texts from inside the bible as their so-called "proof". So, since Christians have no proof to make them believe, what does make them believe? Well, here is an excerpt from

"What proof is there that Christianity is not a myth created to assuage our fears about death? None at all. Christianity doesn't propose proof; instead it invites faith. Not in facts and data, but in truth - which is often to be found in myth."

Here's the direct link in case you don't believe that they would actually say this: here.
That answer is incredibly contradictory. How can there be truth without proof? So myths are now considered to be truth? And my mom wonders why I laugh at people when they are praying...

- Nate

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Sunday, August 19, 2007

My Purpose

In this blog I will be sharing my opinions (usually biased) on religion, morality, and the bible. My opinions may offend some, but all I am trying to do is spread truth. Humanity cannot continue in this fashion. Every scientific discovery, medical procedure, and sexuality labeled as blasphemy by the church is one step in the wrong direction. Not only are religious individuals against these things, they say they are willing to exterminate those who contribute to these "blasphemous" practices/beliefs. The things I am talking about are: homosexuality, abortion, evolution, atheism, premarital sex, etc. In my following blog posts I will be sharing my conversations with christians, and I will attempt to expose the pure stupidity and pointlessness of religion.


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