Thursday, August 23, 2007

God's Warriors

I happened to catch the CNN special called "God's Warriors". Basically, it featured a bunch of power-hungry evangelical Christians manipulating thousands of people into "taking action" against our highly secular government. While "taking action" can be interpreted in a wide variety of ways, these Christians only see "taking action" as basically a movement which involves the government being run solely by Christians.
One of the ringleaders of this whole operation was the late, (not so) great Jerry Fallwell. Jerry Fallwell founded Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA with the sole purpose to train his "pitbulls" (yes, he used that word) to get Christianity into the government and our everyday lives. LU's newest addition is a law school. Yes, a Christian law school. Again, he is trying to make an effort to force religion upon everyone in existence. He is such an evil man. I wish he would go and die. Oh wait...

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